It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It’s five weeks to go but I say it’s never too early to start getting into the Christmas spirit. To get into the winter mood, I always love to read my old favourite books at this time of year. Read on to see if any of your favourites or potential next years make the list.

1. Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

How could I not? Especially the first book, philosophers stone, just screams Christmas for me. the golden trios first meeting to that Christmas where Harry is gifted the invisibility cloak, it’s the perfect nostalgia read that’ll whisk you away into the magic of Christmas.

2. The Invisible Library

It’s not necessarily a festive tale but this particular book is nothing short of amazing. I relate to it and it’s main character on multiple levels, and the assurance of staying true to yourself whilst changing and taking on new worlds is appealing to anyone.

At its core, this book series follows Librarian spy Irene as she hopes around alternative worlds of order and chaos to save stories and people, with thrilling chases and plot twists in every chapter. I love re reading this book on a cosy December evening.

3. Murder Myseries

This genre may not be your first thought when looking for a festive winter read. However plenty of mysteries are set at Christmas or have that winter aura about them. From Agatha Christie’s collection of her midwinter mysteries, and books the killer in the snow and a unfortunate Christmas murder. There is something oddly comforting ready a good old murder mystery that both surprises you and neatly unveils itself at the end of the book.

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