It’s just a bunch of hocus pocus

It’s that time of year again, a unsettling exhilarating aura takes over the streets as Halloween is drawing nearer. In honour of this supernatural night, why not prepare with a few magical, mind scaring and mysterious reads that are share to put you in that spooky mood or leave you wheeling over the darkness.

So, in no particular order, we have…..

1. Verity by a Colleen Hoover

A psychological thriller sees a struggling writer head to her idols Verity’s house to ghost write her books after Verity suffers with injuries from a horrific accident. However, not everyone with Verity, or her husband is as it seems and the skeletons in the closet start to come out. I

It’s a departure from Hoovers usual romantic dramas but it bend your mind and leave you questioning everything. A must read for fans who want a story to truly scare the mind, that will leave gasping at every page.

2. The Book Club

A woman moves to a new house to get away from an affair turned sour and meets her new quiet village neighbours. She joins their books club but one mysterious neighbour in particular seems to have it out for her. Will she outsmart her neighbour before things take a violent turn?

3. The Thursday Murder Club

Unlike the others, this is more of a light comedy yet still clever and shocking murder mystery series. A group of elderly residents form a club to solve cold and puzzling murders, much to the eternal eye rolls of the local police department.

The murder cases are unique and difficult to work out , you’ll laugh and fall in love with this series in a instant:

4. The Ex Hex by Erin Stirling

A wholesome Halloween tale. After drinking my cursing her ex after a bitter break up, a young witch and history professor antics come back to haunt her as her ex comes back into town to recharge the towns magical lay lines, and the curse may have turned out to actually work. Now, she has to keep hold of her magic and desires as she must help her ex, who’s sort of her small towns founding family, lift the curse before someone gets hurt.

This is a perfect read, full of magic, romance and Halloween scares for a cosy autumn nights reading.

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