I was enchanted to meet you

In honour of Valentine’s Day, if you’re looking for love or you’ve already found it, these latest reels suggest some of swoon worthy and desire filled romance series for those who love an enchanting love story from Bridgertons’ meeting their regency match and finding royal love on a television show in The Selection. Be ready... Continue Reading →

My never ending blog

I’ve been away for a while but now I’m back and better than ever. That may sound like a cliche but I am finally starting again, and that includes this foundling bookish blog. In the comments, why not add what you’d like to see from my blog this year? Review a specific book, what list... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas Eve!

Since it’s Christmas Day tomorrow, I just wanted to say a Merry Christmas to all my followers and fellow readers. If you’re curling up with a book, during the festive period, whether you’re solving Christmas murders with Poirot or dancing in the night court with Feyre and Rhysand, enjoy both your fictional and real world... Continue Reading →

The importance of kindness

It’s often in the smaller softer moments of a book, that we’ll see those moments of kindness and genuine connections between our favourite bookish friends, ships and chosen families. On 13th November, it’ll be time to celebrate World Kindness Day, a day where we all came together to celebrate acts of kindness both big and... Continue Reading →


This reel jumps on the ‘Fuck Romeo and Juliet, I want what these bitches have’ trend. In this short reel, you’ll see of my favourite book ish couples, I consider couple goals. In a series of posts, I’ll share some of my favourite and most popular insta reels for you to enjoy. If you haven’t... Continue Reading →

The Feminism of Taylor Swift

Over the past fifteen years, the circuit of media culture in the modern age has shown how Taylor Swift has personally and professionally developed from a naïve teenage country singer, into a powerful career-driven woman. She has pointed out the misogyny towards female celebrities and, in doing so, has fought for the rights of women... Continue Reading →

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