Chloe’s Christmas guide to curling up with a good book

Whether you’re taking a break from Christmas shopping, wrapping the presents, gatherings with work, family or friends this season, or just choosing to with a book before the Christmas Day run up, here’s how to have a blissful chilled reading experience.

1: Chose your book and bookmark.

This may seem obvious but having the right book depending on your taste and mood, can make all the difference to your reading experience. Whether it’s a heart swooning festive romance or a thrillingly festive murder mystery, having the right book and bookmark, perhaps one with your favourite quote or picture that makes you smiles, is an important first step.

2. Find your location.

You’ll also need to find where you’re going to read that Christmas book of yours. You may decide to simply sit in bed with a pile of pillows and blankets, curl up on the sofa with the curtains open for that promising snowfall, whatever spot you chose, make sure you’ll be comfortable for your reading duration.

3. Choose your book

Perhaps the most important step of all. Your choice of book may be dependent on the season like winter and Christmas, or how you are feeling, a murder mystery or spy thriller when you want to be scared or endure shocking plot twists, a romance for when you want to think of finding your Rhysand to your Feyre or a book to attempt to skim your to be read pile. Take time to find the right book.

4. And finally, get your cosy drink.

Before you go and read, make yourself a nice refreshing or hit drink for the duration. Why not go for a hot chocolate topped with cream or marshmallows or a refreshing cold cocktail.

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